How To Measure Your Head For A Custom Wig

Here at Dolce Mateo Wigs, we provide customized factory-made wigs along with custom-made wigs in different sizes to cater all of our customers and clients!

Use this page as reference to select the best fitted cap size for your wig unit! 

We provide pre-made wig in sizes 21" - 23.5"
We custom make wigs in sizes 20" - 24"

You must style your hair like it will be under the wig. For best results either braid your hair straight back in flat cornrows, or wrap the hair towards the back and cover with a wig cap. Get the hair as flat and as tight as possible before taking the measurements. This will eliminate bulges that distort head contours.

To find your CIRCUMFERENCE: Measure all around the head. Position tape behind your ear and at your nape for the most accurate measurement. 

Please note: our units are created and made for installs over flat or braided down foundations. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure that your measurements are accurate. If you do not measure properly, your wig may not fit.

Take measurements at least 3 times to be sure.